SeeSo is VisualCamp’s mobile eye tracking software development kit. The name is a combination of the words “See” and “so”.

What people see can be such a powerful tool. That is why SeeSo let your users perform actions with their eyes and allow you to know what your users are looking at.

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SeeSo is changing online education  to become more efficient. Understand user’s attention rates with SeeSo SDK and provide a more personalized learning experience.

Healthcare/Digital Therapeutics

With SeeSo SDK, you can provide more accessible remote healthcare services. Remove the expensive barrier of external harware eye trackers and allow the focus on providing the services for those with ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer, ASD etc.


Improve user experience in E-books or mobile web-toon with real time data. Increase accessibility and quality of life with SeeSo.

Mobile User Testing

Integrate SeeSo SDK to create live testing services with quantitative data.  Remember eye don’t lie! You can collect tests’ gaze data and analysis for designing intuitively.

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Category SeeSo SDK (2.2.0 version)
OS iOS, Android
Accuracy  average 13mm  @40cm distance
Calibration Point 1 – 5 points
Calibration Duration 2 -12 sec
Wearing Glasses O

Demo Experience

SeeSo Web Analysis (iOS App)

Seeing is believing. Try our free app to see how your browsing of any website can be turned into data.

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SeeSo Book (iOS Testlfight App)

See first-hand how you can control apps with your eyes by trying out e-book page turner Testflight app.

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