visualcamp_2018_dongseung competition_eye tracking


VisualCamp won the 3rd prize from Dongseung Cup International Entrepreneurship Competition December 13th in Beijing , China by recognizing its eye-tracking technologies for VR and Mobile devices.

Dongseung Cup hold internationally by Beijing Science cooperation center and Institution of Zhongguancun Dongseung Science and Technology since 2013. More than A total of 3,500 companies, including 3,000 from China and 500 from overseas has applied for this competition. VisualCamp is granted $3000 cash prize, 1 year privileged to use working space of Zhongguancun Startup street, and investment opportunity with incubation.

VisualCamp’s CEO Suk, Yun Chan said “This prize’s value is countless for VisualCamp. I am so glad that VisualCamp’s technology is recognized by this big market, and I want to thank to may team members who especially put lots of effort to develop eye-tracking technology to enhance more and more. We will keep innovate until our dreams that make eye-tracking technology essential for everyone in the world become true.

At the same time, VisualCamp also attended 2018 IPIEC Global to present VisualCamp’s innovative gaze-tracking technology to investor. Seung Woo Lee, the APEC Marketing Director of VisualCamp pitched through preliminary round, semi-final, and final. Gratefully, VisualCamp has selected as global top 10 companies, and among them, VisualCamp was the only Korean company.

One judge from the competition said, “VisualCamp’s technology has enormous flexibility to adapt any field of business in the world. Many Chinese education businesses are looking for measurement of education efficiency and way to improve students’ concentration on digital education contents. VisualCamp’s gaze-tracking technology is expected to perfect solution for them.”

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