SEOULOct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VisualCamp, a leading AI-based eye-tracking technology startup from South Korea, provides eye-tracking software to various industries including education, digital healthcare, and UI/UX testing. With successful use cases in Korea, VisualCamp is looking to expand their eye-tracking solutions to the U.S. VisualCamp will participate in TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.


With the increasing demand for contactless and remote services, eye-tracking is being utilized to understand users’ focuses and monitoring functions to prevent fraud in mobile apps/web. Using gaze data, end users can control apps with their eyes by where they are looking. VisualCamp’s success is from making eye tracking more accessible, mobile optimized, and eye-tracking in “natural” environments.

SeeSo, a mobile eye-tracking SDK (Software Development Kit) is a software solution for mobile app developers. Without using extra hardware, this is the first eye-tracking software solution that can utilize front-facing cameras with the highest levels of accuracy. SeeSo has its own software licensing, is easily integratable, and can be used at any time with a mobile device or PC. This makes eye-tracking technology available for everyone at an affordable price. SeeSo’s innovation has been recognized by clients and prestigious awards, including the CES Innovation Award in 2022.

Currently, VisualCamp has been working with medical experts to research and develop eye tracking healthcare solutions, which includes diagnosing myopia, dyslexia, ADHD, and cognitive ability in advance. It will first be provided to education companies and the Department of Education in Korea. VisualCamp will eventually expand business into overseas markets.

“The scope of application for eye-tracking technology is limitless.” Said Yunchan Suk, CEO of VisualCamp. “After strengthening the business through R&D with experts in each field, we aim to become the No.1 eye-tracking company recognized not only within Korea, but also abroad.”

SeeSo 2.0:

About VisualCamp

Providing eye-tracking technology solutions that are easily accessible, reasonably priced, and scalable, VisualCamp’s goal is to make eye-tracking solutions available for all, as it can be a useful tool in anyone’s daily life. VisualCamp owns 24 IPs, including 5 in the U.S., with 42 on file, and 18 PCTs pending. VisualCamp is also looking for new investments to help grow and expand their solutions.

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