Boost reading progression with SeeSo Reading

Enhance K-12 students reading proficiency with non-invasive eye-tracking-based assessment

Objective reading assessment

Actionable insights

Empowered Educators and students

Eye movements as a Mirror to Reading Ability

Each individual has their unique way of reading, which can be influenced by a range of factors such as age, gender and eye health. For example, individuals with dyslexia, a common reading disorder, may exhibit longer fixation durations and more frequent and erratic eye movements when reading. By analyzing eye movement patterns with eye-tracking, educators and clinicians can better understand a person’s reading skills, diagnose reading disorders, and develop targeted interventions to improve reading outcomes.

A time-efficient and objective reading process

SeeSo Reading couples a quiz to the analysis of people’s eye movement patterns to provide an accurate and quick assessment of an individual’s reading abilities. 

Reading assessment results at one sight

SeeSo Reading provides easy-to-understand report visualization, allowing users to quickly identify individuals in need of specific accompaniment.

SeeSo Reading for a personalized Education

SeeSo Reading provides valuable insights into a student’s reading abilities, such as their reading speed, fluency, and comprehension. This allows educators to tailor their instruction to the individual needs of each student, providing targeted interventions and strategies to improve their reading outcomes. SeeSo Reading is user-friendly, making it a valuable tool for educators seeking to enhance their students’ reading abilities. With our eye-tracking reading assessment, personalized education has never been more accessible or efficient.

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