VisualCamp showed the ATM controlled by user’s gazing at the 2018 ‘Shinhan Future’s Lab Demo Day’.

Shinhan Future’s Lab, which is a program that incubates FinTech startup collaborated with Shinhan Financial Group, held ‘RUNWAY 2018: Shinhan Future Lab Demo Day’

It has continued to grow with 61 startups for the past four years, shared a case of cooperation between the 4th incubator and the affiliate of Shinhan Financial Group through its demo day. VisualCamp participated in this 4th program as incubator startup. This Special ATM could be great solution for ALS patients or disables who have difficulties to control fingers to touch the ATM screen to operate bank work by themselves. It’s even much more secure than touching by fingers.

This ATM development gives idea that it could be apply to kiosks in department stores and public places. VisualCamp also plan to expand its business to outdoor signage in the future.

VisualCamp’s CEO Seok Yun Chan said “We are glad to work with Shinhan Financial Group to assist those disable people. VisualCamp will continue to develop eye-tracking technology to give values to everyone in the world”.