Innovative Technology

  • We have been innovating our algorithms to remove barriers of using eye tracking technology
  • Our appearance-based algorithm (RGB camera) ensures robustness and high accuracy with a single point calibration.
  • If you are manufacturer or OEM company which want to use IR camera, meet our light-weighted rule-based algorithm.
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Client First

  • We provide an eye tracking SDK (software development kit) which gives full authority to the client over the gaze data generated from its users.
  • Our clients have the ability to develop eye tracking services to a full range of devices (smartphones, tablets, VR, PC).
  • Our SDK processes images in real-time locally on user’s devices to uphold clients and users privacy.
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Easy to Integrate

  • Download our SDK anywhere in the world from our SaaS web platform and test it free of charge.
  • We provides a broad range of API’s
  • If there is no API for your specific needs, you can consult with us directly
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