Eye Tracking  and Eye Control

They say the eyes never lie.
Our eyes provide unbiased, subconscious data that can explain what we want better than typing or clicks.
Eye tracking is measuring eye movements. A step above that would be gaze tracking, where we see where a person is and for how long their gaze is.
There is also eye control, where you can control your device with your eyes (ex. Click, scrolling, page turn, etc)


Challenges That We Overcome

Eye tracking has been around for a while now, but before it was very expensive and unnatural.
It was originally used in lab settings with a lot of equipment, and people strapped in a position so that their heads did not move. Today, with VisualCamp, anyone can eye track with little to no cost. Our data remains precise when users are in natural positions.
You can:

  • Conduct market research with Seeso
  • Validate the effectiveness of safety trainings with VR
  • Analyze gaze data to see AOI
  • Build curriculums around the Remote Kit
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Basic of Technology

  • Rule based Algorithm

  • Using IR Camera and LED
  • Hardware Required
  • Integrating All Devices (VR/PC/Smartphone/Tablet/Kiosk/Automobile)
  • A.I. based Algorithm

  • Using RGB Camera
  • No Hardware Required
  • Integrating Daily Devices (Smartphone/Tablet/PC with webcam)
TrueGaze VR
TrueGaze Remote