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Eye Tracking

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What is eye tracking?

Eye tracking is technology measuring where user is gazed and how long was the attention. It generates gaze data providing condition of user and gaze moving behavior. Gaze data considered as intuitive tool allows user interact with devices or mind reading.

How to use

There are two ways to use gaze data generated from eye tracking.

  1. Gaze Interface: Controlling devices with eye-gaze movement or gazing time   ex) Eye click, scroll etc
  2. Gaze Analysis: Getting insight from analyzing result between gaze data and contents on the device   ex) Attention rate, bio-marker


Have you ever experienced eye tracking technology in your daily life? Eye tracking technology has long history more than 200 years, but not many people know what it is and how it enhance quality of our lives.

Challenges to solve

We wanted to tackle these challenges and become game changer of eye tracking market.

  • Depend on hardware
  • Cost is very high
  • Device and supporting OS is limited
  • Algorithm is heavy to run in mobile device
  • Calibration process is too long


But, our eye tracking technology is different. We’ve been focusing on developing lightweight algorithm to run from devices we carry everyday. We initially began with hardware dependent rule-based algorithm but moved to appearance-based algorithm which doesn’t require extra hardware at all. Now, we have both algorithms and they perform best in each area.

Rule-based algorithm

  • Hardware required
  • For ALL electric devices
  • Lightweight to run in smartphone and mobile VR device
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Appearance-based algorithm

  • No Hardware Required (AI deep learning)
  • For Smartphone/Tablet/PC with webcam
  • Fast calibration and various OS supported
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