SeeSo is AI based eye tracking SDK(Software Development it). It captures users face and eye with front RGB camera of devices(Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop) or webcam. VisualCamp provides SeeSo SDK from SaaS console(

Get raw gaze data from SeeSo SDK and develop your own eye tracking application on iOS/Android/Unity.

SeeSo will let your users perform interactive actions with their eye-gaze and allow you to know what your users are looking at.

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Use Case

SeeSo Edu

  • Absent Detection
  • Learning Attention Rate
  • Proctoring
Use Case

SeeSo UI

  • No touch click/scroll
  • Multi-modal interface
  • Play game with eyes
Use Case

SeeSo Healthcare

  • Cognitive disease diagnosis
  • Digital therapeutics
  • Increase accessibility
Use Case
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Category SeeSo SDK
OS iOS, Android, Unity(mobile), JavaScript
Accuracy average 1.7º
Calibration Point at least 1 point
Calibration Duration min 2 sec
Wearing Glasses O
Extra Hardware X (using front RGB camera)

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