SeeSo is an AI based eye tracking Software Development Kit (SDK). It captures users’ gaze data from the front-facing RGB camera of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and webcams.
We provide the SeeSo SDK from the SaaS console.
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Winner of GLOMO Award 2021 -Industry X_Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Living 

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Use Case

SeeSo Edu

  • Absence detection
  • Attention rate
  • Proctoring
Use Case

SeeSo UI

  • Eye click/scroll
  • Multi-modal interface
  • Play game with eyes
Use Case

SeeSo Healthcare

  • Diagnosis cognitive disease
  • Digital therapeutics
  • Increase accessibility
Use Case



Category SeeSo SDK
OS iOS, Android, Unity(mobile), JavaScript, Windows
Accuracy average 1.6º
Calibration Point at least 1 point
Calibration Duration min 2 sec
Data facemissing, (x,y) coordinates, fixation, saccade, outofscreen
API Attention, Drowsiness, Blink

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