Do you want to know your students’ condition while lecturing the class? Do you need efficient way to proctor testers?

VisualCamp’s Web Eye Tracking SDK is COMING SOON! (If you want to know more detail about Web SDK, please contact us.)


Go to SeeSo(, Mobile SDK managing platform.

Scrolling and Clicking by eye-gaze are no longer just a story from movie.
You can design your own eye-tracking mobile application and build new service.

Who brings laptop nowadays? Smartphone and Tablet are enough.
As size of digital devices getting smaller, we think eye-tracking should become smaller and lighter.
Meet the world smallest Remote eye tracker!

VisualCamp’s VR eye tracking technology is the world’s first SDk for standalone VR HMD.
Based on light algorithm and broad engine plug-in capability, it has many attractive features.

Eyeryone knows that gaze data is one of the most important pieces to read customers’ mind. VisualCamp’s gaze analysis solution is different.
We developed a web-based gaze analytic platform that you can use conveniently and efficiently use.