SeeSo Eye Tracking App

Experience simple real-time eye tracking!

  • Android only
  • Real-time Gaze Scan Path

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SeeSo Web Analysis App

Experience how gaze data is analyzed!

  • iOS only
  • Web URL analysis
  • Real-time Gaze Cursor
  • Gaze Pattern/Gaze Visualization (Heatmap/Scan Path)

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SeeSo Book & Eye Scroll

Try how to turn the page and scroll SNS with your eyes!

  • Eye Page Turner (applied to Mille viewer)
  • Eye Scrolling for SNS
Testflight Guide

Gaze Auto Scroll

Do you use auto scroll? Contact us for Gaze Auto Scroll Demo!

  • Scrolling Speed Accelerates
  • Easy and Simple reading
  • Good for Webtoon/Webnovel
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SeeSo Web

Try our SeeSo Web(JavaScript) demo for PC!

SeeSo Web Demo URL

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