VisualCamp signed an agreement with Konkuk University Department of Rehabilitation Medicine to develop a model for diagnosing unconscious patients’ condition using VR eye -gaze data.

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, affiliated with Konkuk University Hospital, one of advanced hospital of Seoul, has taken the lead in various studies on the evaluation and treatment of unconscious patients. With the agreement Konkuk University Hospital plans to develop a more advanced medical system by analyzing the gaze data of unconscious patents to clearly diagnose the condition for more effective treatment.

“Our gaze data is already used in various research institutes that study user behavior such as UX/UI Research,” said YunChan Suk, CEO of VisualCamp. “We will continue to cooperate with Konkuk University Hospital so that gaze data can be used for objective and scientific diagnosis in the medical field.” Meanwhile, the visual camp is planning to sell ‘TrueGaze VR Analysis,’ a VR gaze data analysis solution released in September last year, in Korean through suppliers Varison and Shin Seung HiTec starting this month.

Press Release: http://www.startup4.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=12793#0BOf

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