Visual Camp, a startup company that provides eye-tracking technologies and gaze data analysis solutions has raised $1.5 million in Series A funding from Shinhan-Cognitive investment, Capstone Partners, KAI-KVIC, and Shinhan Futures Lab. Closing this series A funding round, the accumulated total investment in Visual Camp reached $2.7 million.

Visual Camp has VR/AR/Mobile eye-tracking technologies and provides software development kits for those eye-tracking technologies. Eye-tracking is considered as a core technology for the future and well-known global companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple are focusing on the technology.

Currently, Visual Camp’s eye-tracking technologies and gaze data analysis solutions are applicable to business not only in specific industries but also in various fields such as VR, marketing, medical, education, and even automobile.

Charles Suk, Founder and CEO of Visual Camp, said: “We are continually working on VR/AR/Mobile eye-tracking technologies to upgrade technological completeness. With advanced technologies, we will target VR/AR markets and also the smartphone market.”

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