[2020.07.22] VisualCamp, eye tracking software developing company and Blaubit, deep learning AI solution developing company announced yesterday that they have signed to co-develop online eye tracking proctoring solution.

VisualCamp and Blaubit will develop solutions for identification, prevention of fraud attendant, visual attention measuring, and proctoring on the online test.

YunChan Suk, CEO and CTO, VisualCamp said, “If eye tracking technology is used for class or exam, it could give alert to students or tester who don’t takes enough attention to the screen and analyze abnormal gaze-pattern among them. Because of recent coronavirus, we have been received many inquires for proctoring solution. Blaubit is expert in monitoring system, so we are expecting synergy working with Blaubit.”

UeSun Kim, CEO, Blaubit said,  “Last spring semester, many students and professors were suffered from cheating during final exam. I believe VisualCamp’s eye tracking technology has huge potential for this contactless time. With VisualCamp, Blaubit will develop trustworthy proctoring solution to satisfying both side.”



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