TrueGaze VR Analysis’, VisualCamp’s web-based gaze data analysis solution is launching in the beginning of September. TrueGaze is the world first gaze analytics provided in the form of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).

TrueGaze VR Analysis is a gaze analysis solution that provides one-stop process from experimental design and management to analyzing and exporting data in VR environment without going through the complicate installation process. Because the gaze data obtaining from eye-tracking is considered important measurement to analyze subjects’ interest and intention, eye-tracking has been using as efficient research method in neuroscience and human behavior sectors.

Yun-chan Suk, CEO of VisualCamp mentioned, “Gaze data analysis market is enormously increasing in various areas such as usability testing, advertising, store marketing, Medical training, and industrial education. The authentic value of eye-tracking comes from gaze data analysis, so we will continually applying our gaze data analysis solution not only for VR but also for mobile platform. We are quite confident that we can be the game changer of data analysis market.”

VisualCamp, the prominent eye-tracking software company based in Korea, has been attracting a lot of attention from the market and customers with its outstanding technology and various applicable fields. Start with this launching, VisualCamp will organize distributors in Korean, China, Japan, and Europe to expand its sales globally in gaze analytics market.

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