These days people are not limited to physically go to classroom or physical location to learn something. We can learn anywhere, at any time, and in any language. Big education companies are quickly transforming into Edu-tech companies, and Edu-tech startups are growing every day.

Why should Edu-tech companies be interested in eye tracking technology?

Eye tracking research has been around education for many decades. One of the things found was that learning has a lot to do with the learner’s psychological behavior. There’s the saying, “Eye’s don’t lie.” Eyes can give indicators on the learner’s intent and condition.

Whether we realize it or not, our eyes tell a lot which makes 1-on-1 learning opportunities so effective. With eye tracking technology, we can harness the gaze data from the eye movements to provide that same 1-on-1 learning opportunities even if the instructor is not physically with the learner and if the instructor has many learners to work with at the same time. This also means the education can become personalized.

Eye Tracking Solutions: Attention Monitoring and Report 

  • Real-time gaze data store
  • Attention alert
  • Attention Report


For this use case, we utilized the very basic functionality of eye tracking. We simply monitored remotely if the user was looking at the screen. The instructor was able to know if the student was paying attention without having to be in the same room.

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