The main need of many e-commerce platform is ‘How to make recommendation on mobile environment?’.
Traditionally, recommendation systems are based off of what your individual user has clicked on and matching it to what other’s who clicked on a similar link tend to click on. There are a lot of missed opportunities through this method.


e-commerce_eye tracking

Heat Map



e-commerce_gaze analysis report

Gaze result of product page



VisualCamp provides a new way to recommend to your users by utilizing eye tracking and gaze analysis. Based on what users have visually focused on, VisualCamp allows companies to recommend links that have not been clicked as well. When running a Proof of Concept (PoC) with CJ, VisualCamp found the click rate for non-click based recommended products to be 71.2%. One of the benefits of using eye tracking was the data collected as to why this was the case. The user’s focused primarily on the price and product image, and the location of where the listing or promotion was had major influence.



Demo Video

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