Early this January was all about CES 2019. Even people who never been to CES could find out what is happening there in real time. VisualCamp attended this year CES as an exhibitor. During the 4 days exhibition, VisualCamp met over 60 buyers, including VR HMD manufacturers, advertisers, university researchers, edu-tech companies, rehabilitation medical device manufacturers, and smartphone manufacturers.



As eye-tracking technology is becoming essential for VR HMD and proved that at this CES, the spotlight of booth visitors went to VisualCamp’s Mobile eye-tracking technology. Since mobile eye-tracking module showed its possibilities that eye-tracking technology could adapt to more various devices such as PC and kiosk, expectation for the mobile eye-tracking module was very high.


A device manufacturer visited VisualCamp booth said, “I have been looking for this kind of eye-tracking technology for small devices. If it can be embedded to our smartphone, more business model could branch out by using gaze data. I am sure that this is the future. “



Released article about VisualCamp at CES 2019. Medgadget, January 24th 2019


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