What is eye tracking?

We view the world through our eyes. Much of the information we absorb and project can be read in our eyes. Eye tracking is capturing where people’s pupils are. This is not something new. Eye tracking has been around for many decades, but it has not been until recently we have seen eye tracking technology come to a point where it is more readily accessible.

There are two ways of eye tracking

visualcamp_eye tracking_core technology

With eye tracking, we can collect gaze data. We can know where people are looking, for how long, and even how focused an individual is by collecting gaze data. We call this gaze tracking. A lot of the movements of our eyes is unconscious. By collecting gaze data, we can infer a lot more information than asking someone, especially in a situation they cannot voice properly for themselves.

VisualCamp’s Technology. 

VisualCamp’s eye tracking technology can allow you to collect gaze data without extra hardware. We have solutions for phones, tablets, PC’s, kiosks, cars, and anything with a camera. Our solution can be used with both infrared cameras and RGB cameras. You can know where users are looking and for how long. We analyze that data to let you know the most concentrated area during a gaze tracking session.


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