VisualCamp, eye-tracking software provider at VivaTech to showcase its latest innovation

Last week, VivaTech 2023 in Paris showcased the best in entrepreneurship and technology. Korea stole the spotlight as “Country of the Year” with its thriving startup scene. VisualCamp, a leading AI-based eye-tracking software company, was among the impressive 40 Korean startups selected to attend this major show. Its groundbreaking technologies are revolutionizing various industries, sparking innovation.

Now, let’s delve into VisualCamp’s showcased solutions.

SeeSo Shopping: Gaze-based recommendation system

VisualCamp has pioneered the development of a revolutionary gaze-based recommendation system. This innovative solution enables online shopping platforms to provide highly personalized recommendations based on the true interests of their shoppers. The eyes, being a reliable indicator, do not lie even in the realm of online shopping. SeeSo Shopping tackles decision paralysis, reduces cart abandonment, addresses customer dissatisfaction, and ultimately drives higher conversion rates.

SeeSo CCTV: Eye-tracking CCTV to enhance in-store Experiences and marketing strategies


VisualCamp’s eye-tracking CCTV solution provides valuable insights into people’s focus and behavior on offline settings. It provides precious data to facilitate in-store displays, marketing decisions, and enhances understanding of customer behavior online and offline. Major out-of-home advertising companies and retail platforms have shown interest in this solution.

SeeSo Labs: an intuitive platform for content optimization

SeeSo Labs offers an intuitive eye-tracking platform for panel studies in marketing and advertising. Marketers gain valuable insights into engagement and perception, even in remote settings. This empowers businesses to optimize campaigns and deliver impactful experiences.

SeeSo Reading: Gaze-Based Reading ability screening

The solution helps educators objectively and quickly (5-7 min) screen children’s literacy levels, enabling early intervention when difficulties are notified. 



During VivaTech, VisualCamp showcased its innovative solutions in line with the theme of collaboration and innovation. Engaging with participants worldwide enriched their journey and opened doors to potential partnerships, furthering their global growth and influence. VisualCamp’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of eye-tracking technology resonated with attendees, establishing the company as a driving force in visual interaction’s future.

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