With the US starting to re-open, one thing to consider is that people are getting used to “the normal”. Everything has become contactless. Many of those who could, will remain working from home. The ever-looming 2nd wave is making more people hesitant to go about their days as they did before. Even hanging out with friends and loved ones has become normalized with video chatting, but in some cases, video conferencing and contactless has just not been enough. Understanding where people are looking and if they are focused has been countless brought to our attention. That’s where we see eye tracking come into play.


Remote Education

One of the benefits of teaching in a classroom is being able to understand the student through body language. You can tell when they’re losing focus, if they are struggling, or if they’re even listening. With classes online and anywhere from 10-100s of students in a class, this has become impossible.


With eye tracking, teachers can know in real time if students are paying attention to the material. With accountability and transparency, parents can know if students are following along, and institutions can know how teachers are doing.


Remote Testing

There are clear benefits from eye tracking in regards to remote testing or proctoring. In our current state, many remote proctoring companies provide live 1-on-1 proctoring which requires managing and hiring large amounts of staff. There’s also a matter of training proctors if institutions want their instructors to proctor. In the context of education, eye tracking like SeeSo allows one proctor to simultaneously check for cheating across many more students with little training.

For remote testing in UX, you don’t need to send expensive hardware out to testers or have 1-on-1 sessions with testers. Testers can just use their phones while you collect unbiased data.


Video Conferencing

Ever had a meeting with everyone’s screens turned off? There’s no way to read your audience to understand which portion they are interested in and which parts you can speed through. With eye tracking, you can understand what they actually care about. In the world of startups, many pitch events are virtual where investors have their screens off. With SeeSo, you can give startups a heads up who was actually paying attention and specifically what sections.

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