VisualCamp (CEO Seok Yun-chan), an eye tracking software company, showcases from June 26 to 28 its remote eye tracking technology in MWC Shanghai, the Asia’s largest mobile exhibition.

The company offers the VR and smartphone eye tracking SDK and the gaze data analysis solution. Its eye tracking technology detects your pupil to examine your gaze and creates coordinate data on the screen. Its applications include user interfaces such as Clicking by Gaze/Scrolling by Gaze and analytic tools such as heat map and fixation rate, offering researchers and marketers some great user insights.



The VisualCamp remote eye tracking module can be attached to small digital devices such as tablet PCs and laptops, incorporating the IR camera, LEDs, and the eye tracking algorithm optimized for mobile devices. The promising technology can be applied to a wide range of services based on tablet PCs in education, medicine, and UX research.


If adopted in education, instructors can monitor whether students are using the service appropriately and examine their concentration level and effectiveness of the program through the eye tracking pattern analysis. In the field of medicine, the technology can be used to treat learning and developmental disabilities including dyslexia and autism and pre-diagnose ophthalmologic diseases such as strabismus. If expanded to vehicles, kiosks, smart TVs, and CCTVs, the copious amount of eye tracking data can be used in data businesses which integrate many different consumption behaviors of one’s life.

Having signed a contract in February with Jangkong Media, a Chinese company, on the development and supply of the remote eye tracking module, VisualCamp is reinforcing its preemptive marketing strategy in advertising, education, and disability aids. “A lot of our partners have showed their intention to purchase our product, although it’s not officially launched yet,” said Regional Director Lee Seung Woo, in charge of marketing in China. “We’re planning to develop a commercialized version by end of this year and tentatively launch the product in the first half of next year, gradually solidifying our sales structure,” he added.


The company unveiled the smartphone eye tracking technology, which operates on software only using the front camera. App developers can try applying this technology to various apps by downloading the free SDK on the official website starting from June 24.


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